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Pay attention! Use Firefox or Chrome when registering for a waiting list.

The webshop does not work properly in Internet Explorer. On this page you can register yourself or your son / daughter for swimming lessons. To register yourself or your child, choose the correct waiting list.

From the age of 4 it is possible to register your child for waiting list A. The waiting period starts after the 5th birthday of your child. You will be called as soon as there is space on a lesson day.

3 Important things:
Please note: you must first log in or create an account
When creating a new account, state the details of the person who will be swimming!
Refund is not possible after registration.

  • Choose a waiting list
  • Indicate your preference
  • Confirm

LessonIndication waiting timeRegistration costs
1.WACHTLIJST 5 JAAR Wachtlijst Start vanaf 5 € 17.40
2. WACHTLIJST 8 JAAR Wachtlijst 8 jaar & ouder € 17.40
3. WACHTLIJST B Wachtlijst B € 17.40
4. WACHTLIJST C Wachtlijst C € 17.40
5. WACHTLIJST VOLW Wachtlijst Volwassenen € 17.40
6.WACHTLIJST VOLW D Wachtlijst Volwassenen Dames € 17.40
7.WACHTLIJSTVOLW B&C Wachtlijst Volwassenen B&C € 17.40


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